Queen Anne Holidays

stockingsonmantleThis is our first Christmas as Queen Anne residents, and I think I like it. Well, who am I kidding – I love it! The neighborhood is festive – both upper and lower. The proximity to Seattle Center (which is INCREDIBLY decorated) is so much fun, and I’m having a great time going back and forth to downtown for quick bouts of holiday shopping!

I’ve made the run up to the top of Queen Anne Avenue North to purchase special gifts several times, and I’m enjoying Pilates classes at Inspire Queen Anne, so I’m getting my neighborhood on!

Latest update must include the fact that last week I attended the Queen Anne Community Council’s monthly meeting and self-nominated myself for one of their open board seats. I was elected! Not sure what that says about me OR the Board… .but what it means for you is that if you have a question, concern or a topic you’d like raised/responded to that the Board can address, please send it to me. I’d love to be of help!

So, what are YOU working on for the holidays? I just finished Christmas stockings. This weekend I’ll put our little courtyard garden to bed and finish hanging the last of the Christmas lights. We’re almost ready… Next weekend – cookies!

I’m looking forward to enjoying all the holiday lights and decorations in our wonderful neighborhood. If you know of a particularly great display, please let me know; I love to explore!

Thank you, and Happy Holidays!

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ClassPass Comes to Seattle

I was lucky enough to hook up with ClassPass for their Seattle launch earlier this month, however I’ve had to wait to really enjoy them until now as I was heading directly out of town on vacation. So… Starting tomorrow I’m going to try out a month of this new fitness option.

Class #1: Intro to Rowing at Rival Fitness on Capitol Hill. I’ve met done much rowing so I figure an “Intro” class will be good. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Class #2: Tuesday evening I’ll visit Queen Anne’s Inspire for an SPX Total Body Workout. I believe this is a Reformer- based Pilates-type workout. I’m familiar.

I’m looking forward to any number of other activities – FlyBarre, Barre3, oh so much Yoga… Maybe Orange Theory (maybe not – that sounds really hard)…

I’ll share my adventures. And please let me know if you have ideas or adventures you would like to share!